The history a lively subject when episodes are

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The mysteries and wonders of the world can be presented by means of motion pictures. There are some sneering fellows who doubt about its utility. In their opinion films can reduce the reading and will destroy literature. Imagination would become dull and films will be a substitute entertainment for study.

But these thinking’s do not hold good because films are not only means of instructions, they are just like extra aid. The students grasp the lessons very easily by these teaching films, which are greatly welcomed by them. The whole mental background of the student is enlarged by them. To teach good moral lessons the lives of great persons of the world are screened. The news-reels and docu­mentaries refresh our knowledge. Geography and Geology can be understood very easily by means of movies. The fact about the planets can be taught very easily with the aid of these films. In those parts of the country where there are no zoos or museums, films are admirable means of instruction for teaching Zoology, Botany, Physics and Chemistry.

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The habits of animals, insects and birds and the growth of plants and flowers can be understood minutely with the aid of films. The surgical operations, the disease and troubles of the nervous system can be observed in slow motions. Moreover, we can stop the film at any stage for a special study. We can make history a lively subject when episodes are portrayed by films. The social ills of the society can be highlighted and can be torn up by roots. The best way to remove communalism and terrorism etc. can be by making public opinion against them.

Movies not only is a means for education but enlarges its scope.


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