America population increase. Religion is also an

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America and other European countries also launched a campaign in favour of family planning. They gave family planning as much publicity as could, be possible. After this it has spread throughout the world. In India there are many reasons for family planning. Firstly, the economic aspect.

If we are having children more than our capacity, to nourish them and to educate them well, then the living standard cannot be raised which the main objective of our economic is planning. Secondly, it is also a hindrance in country’s progress. Lastly, it is also a factor to mother’s health. If she will be having more children, she will have a poor state of health.

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Increase in population leads to various problems, i.e. shortage of food, unemployment, lack of civic conditions, housing problem and inadequate availability of health services. If we cannot solve these problems by our available economic resources, the country instead of making progress towards prosperity will lag behind.

So, the need of the hour is family planning. There are many hindrances in the path of family planning. The majority of people lives in villages and is illiterate, ignorant, orthodox and superstitious. They believe that children are God gifts. This stands in the way of progress in the field of family planning. Being very poor, sex is the only means for their recreation. After hard labour throughout the day they turn out to it for enjoyment. This results in population increase.

Religion is also an obstacle in the field of family planning. So all these hindrances do not let us achieve our target of family planning. Our Government is doing its level best to achieve the target of family planning. Many family planning centres have been set up in dif­ferent parts of the country. Family planning devices are distributed to the people without any charges. Mass media and electronic media is used for wide publicity. We can see slogans like Hum Do, Hamare Do (we two, our two) etc.

on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and on buses. By these efforts now people’s minds have changed and they have started thinking about the need of family planning.


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