All and rickshaws have their own charm

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All have been serving us since an­cient times. On the plains we use horse.

But in desert the camel is the only means of travelling. In villages there are no roads. People make use of bullock cart. In the same way people make use of horse. Pony is generally used on mountains. Animals have lost their importance at present as a mode of travel­ling. We do not use them as means of travelling.

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We like to travel by train or motor car. Why is it so ? The reason is that old means of travel­ling were full of dangers. Wild animals, thieves or robbers would attack our forefathers. Travelling with women or money was impossible.

Hence when steam engine came into existence every one welcomed its inven­tion. It brought a great change in travelling on land and sea. At present the railway trains and motor cars have taken the place of animals. They are quick and safe.

We can cover long distances with their help. We can travel in a train or bus with all comforts. We have no danger of losing life or property. The aeroplane has made travelling much faster. Now we can fly in air like birds. We can travel in the air at the speed of thousand kilometers an hour.

But the travelling by air is very much costly. Only rich persons can afford it. There is no doubt that the modern means have made the world smaller, yet cycles and rickshaws have their own charm and impor­tance. They are the cheapest means of travelling. Young boys and girls love travelling on bicycle. They become romantic on them. Rickshaw is doing service in places where other means fail to reach. Motor rick­shaws have come forward to save our time and energy.

Thus our big country has all modes of travelling. We can see the rich travelling in the air and poor walking long distances on foot. Today a potter still feels proud of his donkey.

He considers its back no less than the seat of a car.


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