The much attention is paid to them.

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The value of good health is well expressed in the proverb-“A sound mind in a sound body”. Hockey, football and other games provide better health than walks can Games have another advantage. They develop a spirit of comrade­ship. Students do not play for themselves only but for the team as a whole. Thus a sportsman develops a broad outlook and learns the value of co-operative work.

These habits prove highly useful in life. Besides comradeship games provide good training in discipline and organization. Players learn to obey their captain and carry out his in­structions. And one who learns to obey also learns to command. Those who become captains develop qualities of leadership. Such training is as important as the study of books. Games often help in entering life.

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A good player is generally preferred to a book-worm with no interest in games. Extraordinary players choose games as their profession in life sometimes they are selected to represent their country in international tournaments and Olympic Games. There are some disadvantages of the games too. In first place I people attach too much importance to them. Games tend to become an end in them.

There are too many competitions and prizes. Games are often turned in to a regular profession or trade. Secondly, games prove harmful to study, if too much attention is paid to them.

It is very doubtful if fame as a sportsman should be achieved at the cost of one’s studies. It often happens that many prom­ising students sacrifice their careers by giving too much time to games. Again, games may even prove harmful to health, if pushed too far.

Most Indian boys are poor in health. Games tell upon their health. Lastly games sometimes produce party-feeling and disunity. Many matches end in free fight between the opposite teams. To conclude, games are necessary, but only as a help in keeping fit for carrying out our daily work.

Too much cultivation of games has harmful results.


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