Essay on the biography of Mother Teresa – The Messiah

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Agnes was brought up in a highly religious family. This had great impact on her life. She became nun at an early age of twelve and joined the Irish Loreto nuns. She began her career with teaching in a convent school. Later, she became the principal of the school.

When Agnes was eighteen she visited India as a missionary. In India, she joined the sisters of Our Lady of Loreto who were active here. In 1928, she left for Dublin, where the motherhouse of the Loreto Sisters is located. Here Agnes was trained for a religious life. After receiving the Sisterhood, she chose to call herself Sister Teresa. In December 1928, Sister Teresa left for India and chose Calcutta as the centre of her activity. In fact, she was moved to see the miserable condition of the slum dwellers, the lepers and the under dog. She completely devoted herself to the service of the destitute, the helpless and the sick.

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Later, Mother Teresa was trained as a teacher and became the headmistress of a secondary school in Calcutta. Apart from taking interest in the academic activities of the children, she also helped the children in their personality development. Shi was loved and respected everywhere she went. Mother Teresa; took Indian citizenship in 1948.

Mother Teresa formed the society of the Missionaries Charity in Calcutta in 1990. It consists of schools, hospitals an clinics. It has a big network all over the country which dedicated to the service of the deprived and the destitute. After five years of her hard work and dedication, the organization became papal as more and more sisters joined it and devote themselves to the service of the sick and the poorest.

Mother Teresa had travelled widely which brought pier of money for the Missionaries of Charity which she championed so ardently. Her contribution to world peace harmony and happiness was tremendous. It won her worldwide accolades and appreciation. Service to humanity was the only aim and motto of the life of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was honoured with the Nobel Prize Peace in 1979. She was the first Indian woman to receive honour. She had been awarded with scores of international and national honours and awards during her lifetime. She was a proud recipient of the Pope’s Peace Prize, Jawaharlal Nehru Award, the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Templeton Foundation Prize and the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India.

The passion for the service to mankind continued despite her growing age, serious illness, physical Weakness till her last breath. She became a living legend among the masses. She was the messiah of the sick, the poor, the abandoned and the destitute. This noble soul breathed her last on 5 September 1997. Her death was an irreparable loss to the underfed and the sick. But she will always be remembered for her services. Following her footsteps will be a tribute to this apostle of peace and love—Mother Teresa.


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