The many things, all because of her personality

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The few remaining returned home, to Spain. The outcome for England led them to explore overseas. Later, Elizabeth faced two more major problems. One was the religious persecution left behind by her stepsister Mary. The other was a problem dealing with Parliament.

The religious problem in England was becoming more and more corrupt. The puritans were not fully satisfied with the changes taking place. They wanted the English Church to be even more purified. The puritans were against Catholism and wanted to abolish it all together.

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However, Elizabeth as well as any other monarch felt disunity would subject then to harmful situations later on. This led Elizabeth to persecute tine two religions. Elizabeth was strong On the Anglican Church and because of that it lasted throughout her reign. Elizabeth and Parliament did not have any problems until towards the end. Parliament had always told Elizabeth to marry, and Elizabeth would overlook what they said. Elizabeth managed Parliament very well. However, the puritans became sort of a problem to her. The puritans began to question the government policies.

There questions became more numerous and frequent. This led certain members of Parliament to revolt. Elizabeth died on March 24, 1603. After she died England continued to have problems in Parliament.

These problems led to the English Revolution. During this period James I was King of England. Meaning that Elizabeth no longer had to be burdened by Englands difficulties. A minor problem that Elizabeth faced was with her own family, her cousin Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary tried to follow through with a plot to kill Elizabeth. However, it was not accomplished. Elizabeth ruled out her reign to the fullest of her capacity. She helped England succeed in many things, all because of her personality and will to want to. Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen because she never got married and therefore died unmarried. Elizabeth didn’t marry because of two reasons.

First, she was disturbed with the behavior of her father towards his wives, secondly perhaps she could not find her love. The story of why Elizabeth I never got married has yet to be uncovered.


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