Essay on Product Quality Control! (492 Words)

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The quality must be designed and manufactured into the product. The company must monitor the quality of incoming materials, goods in process and finished items to ensure the quality of the product produced.

The quality control system is a system of coordinated activities that ensures that the finished manufactured product will not deviate from the set standards and specifications that are based upon the expectation of a typical customer.

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Quality control can be defined as, “the systematic control of those variables which affect the quality performance of the produced item.” These variables which result from the application of men, materials, machines and operations must be regulated so that their input does not significantly deviate from the pre-prescribed standards of the end product.

Objectives of Quality Control:

The process of controlling the quality of a given produced product serves the following objectives:

1. It establishes acceptable standards of performance of the product that is acceptable by the end users.

2. The system is set up in such a manner as to be indicative of any flaws or variations in the quality of raw materials that form the input, as well as goods at each stage of the production process. The objective is to detect such flaws.

3. It can evaluate the manufacturing process and suggest if any changes or modifications are necessary either to maintain the quality or to improve it.

4. It can provide assurance to the customer about the proper performance of the product in the form of guarantees and warranties.

Benefits of Quality Control:

Some of the benefits achieved through strict control over the quality of the product are given below:

1. The finished product is more uniform in quality, more reliable in service and its performance is predictable.

2. It introduces quality consciousness in the minds of employees as well as management. It is a morale boosting concept and it gives a feeling of goodwill and dedication.

3. When quality is built into the manufacturing process and the system, then the cost of inspection is tremendously reduced. This is due to the fact that it is not necessary to inspect every item or take target samples for inspection.

4. It minimizes the waste of time and the waste of materials since fewer items would be rejected.

5. Since a good quality control system minimizes rejections, there will be fewer returns and order cancellations. Hence, it improves the public relations concept between the producer and the consumer and builds up positive image of the producer.

6. It results in lower cost production due to reduction in the quantities of scrap and rejected parts and products. This would give the organization the flexibility of reducing prices and gaining a market share.


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