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We always find him with a smiling face. He has three sons and a daughter. Every mem­ber of his family is cultured and good mannered.

You will never find them quarrelling with others. They are always ready for any type of help to their neighbours. Mr. Sharma’s daughter who is a B. Com first year student is always ready to solve the problems of the children of their neighbours. In the entire colony she is the most lovable girl. Chil­dren have a high regard for her.

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She is very simple and soft spoken. Mr. Sharma is a businessman. He leaves for his shop at 10 a.m. and generally returns home by 7 p.m. He is a man of simple living and high thinking.

In the morning and evening time you will generally find him wearing khadi kurta payjama. He is fond of playing chess. He is a man with liberal views. Everyone in the colony has a high regard for him. He is the President of ‘Colony Welfare Society’. Mrs Sharma is a very gentle and pious lady.

She is God fearing and a good natured lady. She is very humble. In the evening she goes to temple with my mother and few other ladies of the colony. There is a ‘Ladies Kirtan’ in her house once in a month.

Generally all the women of the colony attend it. Like her husband she is very popular among the women of the colony. His three sons are also well behaved. The youngest one is my class fellow and the other two are students of first and third year in Engineering college. We are fortunate enough to have good neighbours.


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