Mr. to eat something or take away

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Mr. Babbar leaves for his office exactly at 9-15 a. m. by his scooter.

Prior to his leaving for office exactly at 9 a.m. there is always an uproar of quarrel at very high volume.

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People of the colony wait for this mo­ment daily. The timing is very punctual, even you can adjust your watches at that time. Exactly at 12 noon Mrs.

Babbar in complete make up comes out and can be seen sitting in her doorway. She gazes every passerby very keenly till she can see him. Many hawkers selling their products come to colony every day. All of them are least interested in Mrs. Babbar and try to avoid her. But she stops them with her harsh voice. Though she buys something yet after a long bargaining. This is her practice to eat something or take away something free of cost, but the poor fellow can’t say anything.

But he curses her at her back. After taking the things inside she comes out again and sits in the door way waiting for some other poor fellow. Nobody in the colony has the courage to speak to her because of her quarrelsome nature and bad behaviour. She is fond of quarrelling and always waits for this golden opportunity. By her nature it appears quarrelling is her only hobby and she cannot do without it. Due to all these reasons I dislike her most.


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