A he leaves a part of himself,

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A senator and his family are killed by a two engine monster Ten a.

m. in a storm filled sky, freezing rain falling in sheets The airport so close seems so far away Veering off course, ground rushing upward Colliding with the pine tree sentinels of a desolate swamp Grievance is extreme, friends and foes alike Cold church in the rain, thousands stand to pay their respects To honor the patriots who fought for our freedom With the help of the French we fought the British Eight years of fighting for one united cause At last we move to the last stronghold We go to beat the British at Yorktown Superior strategy decides the victor We surrounded the 8,000 left of the British Cornwallis surrendered after watching his men die Fear is the quiet, dark man sitting in the back of the bus. He is that black shadow lurking around every corner.

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He waits for unsuspecting victims, and leaps into their minds. Fear is not tangible, nor will he ever be. He has to be fought from the inside. And if you are determined to fight he will leave. For he is terrified of the fire that lives deep inside of each of us. We all know that shadows are vanquished by fire. He is always around when tragedy occurs. He tries to break us down by forcing painful memories of tragedy upon us.

This when he partners up with sadness, and they work together to hurt anything and everything they can. He is the one thing at the back of our mind that terrifies us. He gives you that terror when you are most vulnerable, trying to hurt even more. With that terror he leaves a part of himself, this is …


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