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On the basis of survey, it was found that these teenagers drink one to two times per week because they enjoy it. They feel that it is also a chance to have fun and hang out with their friends. However, teens say they also do it out of boredom. Often, teens are anxious to find an alternative way to have fun and to escape from the ‘boringness’ of movies and television. For this reason, often jump at the chance together in a large group to socialise. They are willing to pay their pocket money for a cup of beer, even if they known that drinking under age is illegal. Drinking alcohol comes with many responsibilities. These teens define ‘responsible drinking’ as ‘having control of your actions’.

In other words, teens drink as long as they know what they are doing. While drinking teenagers are often put into situations where they act irresponsible. Teenagers are often caught driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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When teens get into the car, they often do not think about the consequences. There is always that one thought in the back of everyone’s mind in this type of situation. They say, ‘nothing’ bad is going to happen. Sadly, when something does happen, most of the time the drunk driver is never the one to be injured. It is always the innocent passengers or the victims on the road. Smoking is another large issue within the college community.

Many teenagers who smoke have been smoking for a few years and started smoking at an early age. Even though most people do not agree with teens smoking, a good percentage of adults smoke cigarettes. Therefore, the influence to smoke is constantly around teens and young children.

On the other hand, some teens also like to smoke socially. This usually occurs at parties or just when they feel like hanging around outside of their dorms. Drug usage is the third huge area of abuse among students in college. The majority of these teens have tried the most common gateway drug, marijuana. Many of these teenagers said they have also tried mushrooms, ecstasy, and speed. Peer pressure has nothing to do with their reasons for drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. They believe college is the time to live. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using drugs are not going to stop them from having the times of their lives.

Only awareness can stop them.


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