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Why and where have we failed? Is it our system which breeds corruption and appears to be made to order for them? Democracy in our country is a phenomenon and our system is looked upto by other countries, although from a distance. They are glad to have a huge population seething with anger, divided by caste, religion and even sectarian tendencies. The greatest drawback of Indian democracy is illiteracy, the huge number of refugees and of course extreme poverty of the masses. It seems to be a strategy of our political leaders to keep them in such a pitiable state, to be kept malleable and of course brainless. It facilitates them to coin high falution slogans, for eradication of poverty, while in principle ready to do nothing but fill there own coffers.

But these slogans fetch them valuable votes. After all, the value of these poor illiterate voters, who do not know the meaning of democracy, who are not aware of what a Parliament is, not aware of the functions of their elected representatives are the same as that of the intellectual and well informed, educated middle class. How can we expect a free and fair election when majority of the electorate are ill informed, when they are deliberately misled into believing the world, to garner votes, and then dropped like a hot brick. To be ignored until the next time elections are around. To have a fair election, the first and foremost requirement is education and a politically conscious environment. Money is another factor which plays an important role during elections. Business houses need the support of these politicians to help them in their shady deals. To get the persons of their voice in the Parliament, they pour in money and ensure that if necessary, all methods, legal and illegal, are in use.

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The use money, and specially tainted money, is now the done thing in elections. In many states, we find the mafia, the smugglers and liquor barons, as the major financiers. It is and explosive situation-the convergence of liquor mafia and illicit money.

Our democratic values are being eroded by these money bags and criminals. The main political parties of our democracy are satisfied with the way the things are because they use money and muscle power freely. Their candidates for elections are persons with criminal antecedents. The present scenario is heading for total disaster and the day is not far away when our democracy will be bitch liked by criminals. The law makers are more famous as law breakers, the sanctity of our Parliament is fast corroded and all this while the average common man stands with mouth agape, a spineless coward, a moral imbecile and a loud mouthed min arm poop. It is not his fault, his dreams of social equality and dignity have long been destroyed.

He is not the slave of British imperialism any more, he is now the slave of a democratic system moulded to suit the corrupt, the unprincipled, the self seekers and the traitors. Unfortunately, no effort in this area would be successful unless the lavish expenditures by the elected representatives and continued benefits, even after their rejection by electorate, is cut down. The upsurge of villainy in the political scene consider with the total alienation of the middle class-the common man. The influx of leaders of free India, were mostly from this class.

The study of the composition of Parliament in 1952, clearly pointed out that a majority of our representatives, erudite, intellectual and even with specialization in degrees from major overseas universities, were from the middle class. Today the proportion has been pulled upside-down and the scenes witnessed in Lok Sabha and the quality of debates, is ample proof of this reversed ratio. Naturally, law enforcement and the making of new laws to alleviate poverty, human rights and constitutional rights have suffered. Present-day politics is to be squarely blamed for this decline. India today needs a resurgence on political values to uphold the principles of democracy and put our country back on the pedestal it rightfully occupied earlier. To start off with, the political parties need to be introspective and nominate clean educated and honest candidates with the will to be dedicated in the service of our nation. A clean and honest Parliament will motivate the bureaucracy too and will inspire respect, promote transparency and reward efficiency. Our goal to achieve a high percentage of literacy should be given top priority.

It will then be easier for the rural and urban populace, specially the economically poor sections, to understand the working of democracy, the functions and duties of the elected representatives and use value of their votes in a positively prudent manner. Let us hope that our political leaders take note of the state of our country’s affairs which has reached its nadir due to their wayward attitude and unitedly take steps to improve the political setup otherwise we may be heading for a revolution and dictatorship. Let Truth Prevail.


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