What health problems, his child may suffer from

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What is necessary for a hearty laugh is the fulfillment of our wishes.

Nothing can be more desperate for a person than the fact that he has failed in an undertaking. So we should bend over backwards in our attempts to win success. In the face of failure we will be low-spirited and sullen. The sine quo non for success is single-minded attention to anything we do and if we have this firmly in mind it is our right to pluck the fruit of success. There are many who take success and failure with a spirit of detachment. This mentality spells ruin to us.

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An ambitious man is one who yearns for success in his endeavors and persevering as he is, he has no chance of failure. He wants to laugh after he has finished what he has undertaken with resounding success. Laughter is the best medicine, elders say.

There is a lot of truth in it. A person who laughs and laughs lasts longer than others. This means a laughing, happy person lives longer than others. There is no use of worrying over anything and everything. A person who is rich, who has all comforts, may be moody, sad, because of some reason. He may have health problems, his child may suffer from some disease or his wife may not be cooperative with him. There are so many reasons for a man’s sadness and moodiness. A person should not magnify a small problem and worry himself imagining the worst.

A person may suffer from financial problems. If he worries himself all the time what will happen to his family? As he is facing a financial crisis his health may be affected. He should think ways and means of solving his financial crisis. He may think of having a part-time job. If his wife is educated and is at home as a housekeeper, he may seek for her a job.

Just worrying over a problem does no good. Worry makes a person confused and he loses even the little energy he has. A person should be able to keep himself active and happy in the midst of worries. He should cheer up the members of his family. He should somehow tide over a crisis. A student may have to prepare for an examination. He may have to read a lot.

Instead of worrying over the unread lessons he should carefully read his lessons and be well-prepared for the examination. If a student worries that he has a lot to read nothing fruitful will happen. He should get into action. Having prepared for the examination he can laugh, laugh to his heart’s content. From a young age we should develop the habit of not worrying too much over anything. In fact some diseases become worse as you become tense, worried. Psychological problems arise if you are moody; think again and again over a problem.

High blood pressure affects the heart and if you tend to worry over your disease it may lead to a heart attack. It is of course difficult to smile, laugh, in the midst of worries. But it is good so smile, to laugh, in the interest of our good health.


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