A generally housed in a small kachchha room.

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A tailor depends upon his tools. He requires a few tools. They are- a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, a measuring tape, a sharp needle, a thimble on his middle finger, some thread reels and balls, and an iron press.

He puts on thimble on his middle finger to protect it from needle pricks. He also needs a wooden plank and a piece of coloured chalk and a register to note down the measurements of customers. These tools are very necessary for the tailor. He cannot do his work without them. If any one of these tools is missing he cannot do his work.

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A tailor’s shop is generally seen in the main bazaar. It has a glass almirah. It exhibits new coats, pants, suits, shirts and blouses etc.

In the villages his shop has no attraction. It is generally housed in a small kachchha room. A village tailor works on small scale. In a city his shop has a signboard which bears the name of the proprietor and the name of the shop.

The tailor’s work is very hard. It requires complete mastery of art. His success and efficiency go together. A high class tailor does his work with excellence. He takes the measurement very carefully.

When a piece of cloth is brought to him, he measures it. Then he picks up measurement tape and takes the measurement of customer’s body. He notes them in his register. Then he marks the piece of cloth with a piece of chalk. He then cuts the cloth into pieces to the measurements. Then he sews them together and makes the required cloth.

He then irons it and puts it in a showcase. Tailor in the villages charges low rates. In cities and town the charges have gone high. A city tailor earns a lot and grows rich in a few years. The tailor is sometimes a bit dishonest. He tries to keep a piece of cloth for himself. He takes overcharges from a customer. He seldom keeps his promise.

Yet you have to go to him thrice or four times before your clothes are ready. Some tailors are good cutters. They cut cloth exactly to the measurements.

They prepare decent clothes. Now days the educated persons have become tailors. Tailoring is a decent trade.


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