English Comprehension Test

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|Nabel Pioneer school |End of term Test 1 |2009-2010 | |Level:8th forms Jasmin+foll |Teacher: Mr.

Aissa Imed | |Duration:60 minutes | | |Full name:———————————— |Score: ……… | |Class:—————————————– | | |Number:————————————– |/20 | I) Reading Comprehension (6 marks) Comprehension questions Activity 1: Match each text with its corresponding title and picture. (1. 5 marks) |Text |picture |Title |Answer | |1 |A |(a) New York and modern art |1+—+(–) | |2 |B |(b) London Bridge -USA!! 2+—+(–) | |3 |C |(c) Shopping in Arizona |3+—+(–) | | |D |(d) The weather in Iceland | | | |E |(e) The Guggenheim Museums | | | | |(f) Blue lagoon-Iceland | | Activity 2: Fill in the table with the necessary information. (3 marks) | |Blue Lagoon |London Bridge |Guggenheim Museums | |What is it? | | | | |————— |————— |Museum/collection of modern art | | |————— |————— | | |Where is it? | | | | | |45 km from Reykjavic, Iceland |————— |————— | | | |————— |————— | |Why people go there? | | | | |————— |To see the bridge and see the English |————— | | |————— |village, shops and restaurants. |————— | Activity 3: Complete this paragraph with the words underlined in the texts. (1. 5 marks) Hammamet, Kebilly and Korbus are three of the biggest tourist ———– in Tunisia. Every year, in summer, ———– of people come to enjoy the Marina, wind surfing, parachuting and other watersports ———– in Hammamet. Others, however, prefer going to Kebilly to have tours and ride camel backs in the ———–. In winter, local tourists go to Korbus to camp in the forest or take an ———– air bath in the naturally hot water coming from ———–. II) Language: (8 marks) Activity 1:

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Complete the postcard with some words from the box. (2 marks) Activity 2: Circle the best alternative in the text. . (2 marks) Is there a big difference between boys and girls at school? New research says there is. When British girls between the ages of five and eleven go to (primary/secondary/nursery) school, they often do better at school than boys. But now older girls are doing better at (primary/secondary/nursery) schools, too. Many people (think/thank/thought) that boys get better grades in science and mathematics and girls do well in languages and art. However, more and more women apply for courses in mathematics and economics at university.

Every year, tens of thousands of British teenagers sit for their ‘A’ or Advanced level exams. Young people need to (succeed /pass/fail) these exams if they want to go to university. (But/Although/until) in 2008, more boys than girls Failed their ‘A’ levels. Too many young boys (leave/are leaving/left) school without (get/got/getting) qualifications. They then do careers in badly (pay /paid/paying) jobs. Activity 3: Look at the pictures and write a sentence about what they are going to do. The notes in the box may help you! (3 marks) Activity 4: Look at these extracts from some textbooks. What subjects are they about? (1 mark) III) Writing: (6 marks) Activity 2: You saw an advertisement for an excursion on the school notice board .

Call your friend to give him details about the trip and to convince him/her to go with you. (4 marks) ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ———————– B/ —————————————————— Text1 E D C B A The end A/ law Camel riding Wind surfing Parachuting Camping get wet/have lunch /play tennis /stop/ buy a newspaper /have a baby/ go to bed 1/ The bus—————————————————- 2/ —————————————————— 3/ —————————————————— / —————————————————— 5/ —————————————————— 6/ —————————————————— Geography/History/Mathematics/Computer Science/ Medicine/ Science/Law Iceland ,a country in the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle, probably isn’t the first place you think of for a perfect beach holiday. But every year, thousands of people take off their clothes and swim at the Blue Lagoon, a beach near the Arctic Circle and just45 km from the capital city, Reykjavic. The air temperature can be as low as minus 10 degrees: but the water comes from underground and is naturally hot.

The usual water temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees. It’s like taking a hot bath in the open air. The original London Bridge actually isn’t in London at all…and it doesn’t even pass over a river!! American businessman Robert P McCulloch bought the bridge for $2. 5million in 1968 and moved it (stone by stone) across the Atlantic Ocean. He rebuilt it in Lake Havasu City, Arizona (a small town in the middle of the desert, where the temperature is often more than 40 degrees). Nowadays, thousands of tourists come to see the bridge, and there is an English village with watersports facilities, shops and restaurants. There are not one but five Guggenheim Museums.

Solomon R Guggenheim opened the first collection of modern art in New York in 1959. Another museum opened in Italy, and then, in 1979, two more Guggenheims opened: one in Berlin and the other in the Basque city of Bilbao, in the north-west of Spain. It is now one of Spain’s biggest tourist attractions, and every year hundreds of thousands of people come to see the paintings and other works of art. The newest Guggenheim museum is the Virtual Museum –the world’s biggest Internet art gallery. Text2 Text3 E/ —————————————————— D/ —————————————————— C/ —————————————————— Advertisement


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