Dating women. While in a relationship, feelings

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Dating over the years has changed in many ways. It once was the men/ boys would ask the women out on a proper date in order to get to know them better. Today, many women make the moves, and dating is out of the question. Opposite sexes don’t bother getting to know each other anymore in order to have a sexually active relationship if we can call it a relationship anymore.

Many teenagers choose to “hook up” instead of having a relationship which causes many emotional implications between the two sexes. To begin with, women are no longer as respected like they once were.Women now are symbolized as a sex object or an object over all. Women believe in equal rights and opportunities between themselves and men and they compete with men at any extent. Men are known to have casual sex here and there and are highly respected by others when they are sexually active. Having a man sleep with other women make other women want that man even more, because they are considered “more experienced. ” What has been noticed over the years is that women try and compete with men even more. A woman’s mentality now days is if he can sleep with as many women as he wants, then I can sleep with many men as well.

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Melissa, in the essay “ Friends, Friend with Benefits, and the Benefits of the local mall,” explains that “It’s equal, everyone is using each other. That’s fair. ” She is referring to hooking up being normal in society and women should have the equal opportunity as men.

In the essay one of the girls says, “I feel like women have less power today… a girl sometimes doesn’t really respect and validate herself. ” I completely agree with this. Having women constantly competing with men and hooking up with many men is degrading them more and more.Women are no longer viewed as high respectable women. In hooking up there are many different emotions going around. There are different emotions between men and women. While in a relationship, feelings tend to grow between the two sexes unlike a random hookup.

When a couple breaks up, there seems to be some pain in both men and women. When hooking up with someone and don’t call them the next day or let alone ever again, there seems to be no problem. I do believe though that sometimes women tend to get a little more attached to the relationship or hook up than the men do.Many times the women are the ones who get hurt, and men just brush it off. While being involved in a relationship or in a hook up, there are always emotions floating around. Many do not confront them because they do not want to complicate things. Eras have changed, and hook ups are going to be more common, and relationships are going to be a thing of the past.

Marriage might even be extinct some day in the future. With divorces rates going up the roof and all the cheating happening, being in a relationship is not worth it. I just hope it doesn’t get to that extent and things change in the future.


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