When written to express happiness is “A

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When I say art, every person reading this paper could potentially think of something different.

This is because there are so many different kinds of art that it is hard to come up with an all inclusive definition for the word.Instead of trying to look at all of the different kinds of art, I am going to focus on art as an expression of emotion. Over the course of a day in your life, you experience many different emotions.You can feel happy, confused, sad, angry, or embarrassed.

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Everyone has their own way of expressing these emotions and some people choose to sing about them.One of the most powerful forms of art is a song that is written to express an emotion, whether it be happiness, sadness, or anger. A great example of a song written to express happiness is "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion.Celine Dion wrote this song shortly after the birth of her new baby.Her husband is quite a bit older than her and over the past few years has experienced some health problems, so she took a break from her music to spend time with him.

They were told that the chance that they would be able to have a child was small, so when her new baby was born she was overcome with joy.Shortly after this she returned to her music and one of thefirst songs she wrote was about her baby boy.The opening stanza of the song is extremely powerful and helps to explain the reason for her happiness.She starts by singing, "I was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come.Everyone told me to be strong, hold on and don't shed a tear."Even though people listening to the song who are not familiar with Celine Dion's personal life could not possibly understand the level of happiness that the song expresses, the simple fact that Celine Dion wrote it with so much emotion makes it art.She only mentions her new son once throughout the song in the fifth stanza she sings, "Where there w.



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