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In Elmer Keltons “Politically Correct or Historically Correct” he mentionsabout the way people see and describe historical events.

Some people can describean event completly diffrent then how another person is describing it simplybecause it was seen in a different way then the other person. In fact, it could evenbe because one of the people is describing or telling the event the way it was toldto him by someone else or simply because it is the way that he wants to interpretthat event. Many of the people that write about historical events have a tendencyto leave the bad side of it and always talke about the good side of things. Most of the historical books where written by men, or that is what mostpeople think. It is very difficult to find a book written by a women especially if itwas in the West. Kelton stated that there were books written by women but it wasdifficult to find them. Actually this is true, but it has changed, through out theyear, there have been more books written by women and other minorities.

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Kelton also talks about some civilizations that were established to the south,in Mexico, like Aztecs, and Mayan, and about how they were built by fighting,enslaving, sacrifices and the destruction of others. This kind of gives you an ideaof how these civilizations came about in Mexico and what kind of civilized peoplethey were. Indian tirbe would fight about everything, most would not recognize othertribes as the same race, but as being a different tribe, an enemy.

Many of thepeople from these tribes were killed because of a battle that arose over huntingrights or simply because they were diffrent. A lot of the things that Elmer Kelton talks about in his work “Politically Correct orHistorically Correct” is just to inform the readers that history did not alwayshappen the way it is described, written or told by historians and writers. Somepeople see history in different ways for the simple fact that they do not see them inthe same way or from the same angle. I found Elmer Keltons work to beinformative for the simple reason that it talks about some things that other booksdont even mention and things that people could never know unless people were toactually taslk to someone that was present through out many of the historicalevents through out time. History Essays


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