Ancient Most Egyptian art is formed to

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Ancient Egyptian art is more than an art it is a symbol of nature and a symbol of cultural life. Most Egyptian art is formed to represent life from when you are created to the afterlife. Many Egyptians live their life and create things that represent themselves weather it is a sculpture or a painting. Egypt is known best for its pyramids. Pyramids were built by cutting and building great blocks of stone and putting them together, this task was not easy nor was it fun. Many people died during the time it takes to build a pyramid from their hard labor and the hot days. Deserts are very dry and the pyramids were chosen to be there because they figured the desert is a great spot for burial.

The art of the pyramid is very interesting, it took thousands upon thousands to build these great monuments. The pyramids were built by starting from the bottom and working their way up. The Egyptians used a ladder all the way around the pyramid until it got all the way to the top. These ladders would have to be very strong because they would be holding thousand pound blocks which are not easy to hold. They would do this repeatedly until the pyramid was at its end and then the ladder would be torn down. Another form of art in the Egyptian culture was hieroglyphs which was discovered recently as a form of writing and form of expression but is also reffered to as art.

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This art was inscripted on the walls of pyramids and on other great monuments found in Egypt. Not everyone could write this way though they had people who were known as scripts write this because it was such an art that only a few people could understand it and know how to create it…



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