Edgar art and impressionism of the late 19th

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Edgar Degas, after his death, was recognized as one of the masters of modern art and impressionism of the late 19th century.The proof of his genius is embedded in his paintings.He is considered an impressionistic painter but follows the beat of his own drummer when it comes to his artistic style and perspective.

Rather than focusing on detail, Degas flooded his artwork with pastel colors and eye-catching angles.His pieces are unique because he captures actions in the moment. Degas was born on July 18th, 1834 in Paris and died on September 27th, 1917.

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He was drawn to painting at a young age.While in college he dropped all of his academic classes to focus more on his artistic ability.Within a short amount of time he had recreated over seven hundred Renaissance works.

His eyesight began to fail as he aged, which is the reason that he switched to pastels and sculptures from oil on canvas.Degas' works and talent went unknown to the public until after his death. Degas' paintings were influenced by many different elements.He was classed with impressionists, but did not quite fall into their exact division.

Unlike most other impressionists, he took pleasure in working in the studio and did not like painting directly from nature.He took little interest in the study of natural light, but was a fanatical spectator of humanity, women principally.Most of his paintings portrayed dancers, milliners, and laundresses.Degas' study of Japanese prints influenced him in his experimentation with different angles and asymmetrical compositions.

Not only did his own experiences affect his painting, but what was going on in the world around him had an impact as well. Edgar Degas' Ballet Rehearsal on the Set caught my eye in the museum.It was completed in 1874 as oil on canvas.This painting portrays a ballerina rehearsing in front of two men, most likely her ballet instructors…



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