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Title Page: Story Book Title: “One Fine Day” Author / Illustrations: Nonny Hogrogian Publication Date: September 1st 1974 Genre: Fiction, Predictable, Folktale Awards: Two times, “Caldecott Award Winner” Introduction Summary: One fine day a fox wandering in the forest finds a pail filled with milk being thirsty drinks the milk. The milk belongs to an old lady who becomes so angry, chops the fox tail for lapping up her milk. The fox demands its tail to the old lady as he would be teased by his friends. The women insist on having her milk in order for the fox to have his tail.The fox is off on an adventure where one thing leads to another. Writing Style / Format: The story “One Fine Day” is an Armenian folk tale retold by Nonny Hogrogian.

She did a wonderful job by translating this story. The rhythmic, cumulative text will have small listeners read along and match words to the pictures before the story is ended. The “One Fine Day” story is so predictable and rhyming which makes the child to read more. Illustrations: The illustrations are bright and appealing. It has two kinds of paints, the water colors and the crayons.There are lots of orange, yellow, green, brown and purple make it pretty charming and very vibrant with exquisite background.

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Character Development & Plot: The story one fine day is about a fox who is very thirsty, drinks a pail of milk owned by a women. The old women becomes so angry, grabs her knife and chops of his tail. The fox begs the old women to sew his tail back on otherwise “All my friends will laugh at me”. The old women says, “Give me back my milk and I will give you back your tail”. The fox find a cow that is willing to help but wants grass in return. The fox ask the field for some grass, and the field asks for some ater. The fox goes to the stream for some water.

But the stream asks to get the jug for the water. From there the fox finds the maiden who has the jug but in return the maiden wants a blue bead. The fox finds a peddler who has a blue bead but he would trade for an egg. An egg offers and egg in exchange for some grain. The fox finds a miller who has grain. However the miller being such a good man, fell sorry for the fox and gives the fox a bag of grain. The fox takes the grain given by the miller and proceeds to do all of his barters. Finally the old women sued his tail and off he ran to join his friends.

Theme: The folk tale “One Fine Day” teaches a lot important themes. It reminds if you do something wrong, people will be angry. They will even punish you in some way. The story also lets you know, people wants something in exchange even if they are willing to help.

It also shows without the kindness of the Miller, the fox would have been out of luck even with all of his efforts. Curriculum Applications / Uses Language and Literacy: “One Fine Day” story is about the fox wanting his tail sewed back because he is worried that his friends back in the forest would tease him.After reading the story, I would ask the children about the time they felt sad because someone teased them. I would ask the child to write and include an illustration of the event. However after the activity is completed each student will present their activity and discuss what is felt to be teased.

Then I would ask them to make a list of what strategy they could use when they are teased and display it in the classroom. This way it helps the child to overcome the inability, build self-esteem and confidence. Science: Young children will have fun, exploring about what they read.I will plan my project on a field trip to a local farm.

As the fix in ”One Fine Day” meets a cow because the old lady (one of the character) in the story asks fox to bring milk for a trade, I would pick this as a topic and discuss with children where milk comes from. I would teach children about farming as well as milking cows. I would also discuss how milk is delivered in delivery trucks to the grocery stores. I would educate them how milk and milk products are important source of protein, calcium and other nutrients. I would also ask them to explore what are the other products they can get from milk.This way the children extend and expand their knowledge more and above and get an opportunity to understand around their environment. Creative Art: After reading the story to them I will develop a project based on the main character the fox.

I will do a project on three dimensional fox. Young children can play with it too. The material needed are, toilet paper roll, scissors, glue, and color tissue paper. I will download a template of a fox, and color it of children’s choice. Then I would ask the children to cut it and glue it on the toilet roll.Now the children would glue the head and arms and hold the feet tabs and glue to the inside and bottom of the toilet paper roll. Now they would fold the tail in half and so it looks colored on each side and folds the tab and glues it to the toilet paper roll.

This project allows the children to have a lot of hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills like cutting very precisely, following directions, and getting into the project with more curiosity. Special Needs Adaption: Children with special needs have a unique way in expressing their thoughts and needs. However to work with them is a real challenge and needs a real skill.I would guess for a child who is in first grade may be familiar with letters but not sure how much they may be writing them. I would teach the letter ‘F’ for fox, by tracing the letter ‘F’ in upper and lower case with their figure and also ask them to produce the sound of the letter.

Then I would encourage them to color the fox in the coloring page, and trace the word fox. This way the child learns the letter ‘F’, the sound of letter ‘F’, learns the animal and the word Fox. However this has to be repeated on consistent basis until the child masters the skill.

B. ANALYSIS Discuss – Why would you recommend this book. One Fine Day” is a wonderful book as the story teaches the children that “they pay for their mistakes in a hard way”. The storyline starts with a theft and then proceeds with a dismemberment and relies on a pleading and finally resolving the problem. The illustration gets the story very well conveyed and appropriate.

As for young children it is so easy to understand. For example if a child is unable to read the text, the child can just follow the pictures as it is repetitive as the child knows what comes next. As I discussed in science application, it is a great place to start to discuss about animals and their habitats.Discuss – Why children would enjoy or relate to this book. Children would enjoy and relate as the story has a moral to it as it is narrated in a humorous way.

The story is an Armenian folk tale but the way it is translated any young child will find it very easy to understand and connect to the character in the story. For example: A young child would always relate themselves things would go wrong like the fox when they make a mistake or take away something from someone which does not belong to them. The children also learn if they hurt or tease somebody knowingly, they are not going to have good friends around them.


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