Difference between Public Administration and Private Administration

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The administration while the management of the affairs of the public by central, state or local government or statutory bodies is Public Administration. The administration of post .offices, the administration of the supply of electricity by the State Electricity Board, the management of Broadcasting by the B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the instances of Public Administration.

It has been said that there is not any marked difference between public administration and Private administration as both are conducted according to the same principles. The techniques of management and organization are common to both, public and private administration.

Accounting, statistics, office procedures, purchases, stocking disposal are common to both types of administration. An engineer does the same kind of work whether employed in a public enterprise or private enterprise. The same employees do the same type of work with more or less the same procedures.

Public Administration has drawn heavily upon the knowledge and experience of Private Administration. Fayol observes, “The meaning which I have given to the word administration and which has been generally adopted broadens considerably the field of administrative science.

It embraces not only public service, but enterprises of every size and description of every from the every purpose. All undertakings require planning, organization, command, co-ordination and control, and in order to function properly, all I must observe the same general principles.

We are not longer -confronted with several administrative sciences, but with one which can be applied equally well to public and private affairs.” The attempts to subdivide study of management or administration in accordance with the purpose of particular forms of undertaking seem too many authorities equally misdirected”.

No doubt, there are some points of similarity between Public and Private, Administration for example; the personnel practices in private administration resemble those of public administration.

Both kinds of administration are guided and regulated by certain common rules and regulation, both employ modern methods to increase efficiency; however, there are basic difference between public and private administration.