2/15/00 Chicken. Pork Fried Brown Rice. 1 Egg

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2/15/002/16/002/17/002/18/002/19/002/20/002/21/002/22/00Fish Sandwich. Small French Fries. 3 pcs. of Fudge. 12oz.

Hi-C Punch. Daily (multi vitamin, B-complex, 1000m C, and Tyrosine).Big Mac (no sauce). Small Fri. Ravioli.

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3 Strawberries. 12oz. Hi-C. 12oz. Orange juice. 6oz. Apple Juice. Dailies.

1 Banana. I Muffin. Chicken-Helper (2srv). Caesar Salad (Lg). Peeled Carrots. Cake (2pc). 44oz.

Water. 12oz. Orange Juice. Dailies.

1 Banana. 4oz. Broiled Haddock.1 bowl Fish-Chowder. 10 Saltines. Peeled Carrots. 12oz. Orange Juice.

4oz. Apple Juice. 4oz. Coffee. 12oz. Water. 8oz. Cocoa.

Dailies. 4oz. Red Rose Wine.

1 Banana. 1 Muffin. Sweet-N-Sour Chicken. Pork Fried Brown Rice. 1 Egg Roll. 12oz Orange juice. 24oz Water.

Dailies.1 bowl Raisin Bran. 1sl. Pepperoni Pizza. I bowl Fish-Chowder. 8oz. Yogurt. 6oz.

Lite-Cheddar Cheese. 2doz. Ritz Crackers. 4oz. Orange Juice.

12oz. De-Caff Pepsi. 24oz. Water. Dailies.8oz. Yogurt. 2 bowl Chicken-Helper.

24oz. Water. 6oz. De-caf Pepsi. Popcorn. 3 Cookies. 8 oz. GingerAle.

Dailies.8oz De-caff Coffee. 8oz Orange Juice. 12oz.

Water. 8oz. Apple Juice. 1/2doz. Strawberries 2oz. Lite-Cheddar Cheese & Wheat-Thins. 3sl.

Pepperoni Pizza. Dailies. Use fat-free dressing. Avoid salt and fries, and get more fluids. Exercise/Activity low.Sick day. Exercise/Activity Low. (prescription for Amoxil).

Cr/Country Skiing. (Insomnia). E/A Moderate.Lightly Active. E/A Low.More exercise.E/A Low. More exercise.

E/A Moderate.1.5 hrs. Ice Skating.Lightly Active. More exercise.E/A Low. More exercise.






2/23/002/24/002/25/002/26/002/27/002/28/002/29/00 3/1/008oz. Orange Juice. 8oz. Yogurt.

4oz.Coffie. 12oz. Ginger Ale. 3sl. Pizza.

12 Strawberries. Dailies. 3 Waffles w/ Lite Syrup. 3oz Skim Milk.

2.68oz. Blueberry Oatmeal. 12oz. Orange Juice.

8oz. Sprite. 8 Fish Sticks. Tater Tots.

1 banana. Dailies.3 eggs 1/4lb. Ham.

Baked Beans. 2sl. Toast. 2 Hash browns. Double Cheeseburger.12oz. Diet-Decaf Pepsi.

Potato Chips. Dailies.Steak & Egg on Bagel. 1 Hash brown. 8oz. Orange Juice.

24oz Coffee. 2 Meatballs. Ziti Pasta. Tomato Sauce. Salad W/Oil.

1 Donut. @pc. Chicken. Cole Slaw. Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy. Cheeseburger.

Potato Chips.8oz. Coffee.

8oz Orange Juice. 24oz. Water.

Dailies.12oz. Orange Juice. 3oz. Haddock.

Mashed Potatoes. Peeled Carrots. 8oz. Decaf Orange Soda.

2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Dailies.12oz.

De-caf Orange Soda. 1 Frozen Pizza. Fish Sandwich. Small French Fries. 12oz. Hi-C Punch. 10oz.

Broiled Haddock. 1 Baked Potato. Caesar Salad w/ Parmesan. 16oz.

Water. 4 White Cherry Cordials. Dailies.4oz. Coffee. Caesar Salad. 1 Cheese Bread-Stick. Egg and Cheese Sandwich.

1 Bwl. Product 19 Cereal. 16oz. Water. Dailies.Lightly Active. More exercise.

More Water.E/A Low. More exercise.

Insomnia.E/A Low. More exercise.More Water.Lightly Active. More exercise.More Water.Lightly Active.

More exercise.Lightly Active. More exercise.More Water.

E/A Low. More exercise.Lightly Active. More exercise.29.13/186.29.

13/186.Out of Town.Out of Town.Out of Town.29.5/187.29/185.29.


8hrs.3/2/003/3/003/4/003/5/003/6/006oz. Tuna. 10oz Orange Juice. 8oz. Yogurt. 26oz.

Water. 6in. Steak & Cheese Sub on Wheat. Sweat and Sour Chicken. Brown Pork Fried Rice. 1 Eggroll. 1 Bwl.

Frosted Shredded Wheat. Dailies.5sl.

Pepperoni Six Cheese Pizza. 10oz. Coffee. 16oz. Water.

4oz. Root-beer Soda. Dailies.2 eggs.

4sl. Bacon. 1 Hash-brown. 8oz.

Orange juice. 16oz Coffee. 4oz. Water. 1 Hamburger (no bun). Mashed Potato. Salad (no dressing).

Peas. 1 Brownie. Baked Beans.

Cole Slaw. Macaroni Salad. 4 Hot Dogs. Chop-Suey. 1pc. Cake. (Potluck Portions). Dailies.

2 eggs. 3 Sausage Links. 1 Hash-brown.

1pc. Wheat Toast. 8oz. Coffee. 8oz. Orange Juice.

? lb. Corned Beef. Corn Bread. Mashed Potato. Green Beans. Cheese. Dailies. 36oz.

Water. 2bwl. Beef Stew W/ Dumplings.12oz. Orange Juice. 1pt. Strawberries. 2sl.

Banana Bread.1bwl. Beef Stew W/ Dumpling.Lightly Active. More exercise.

Lightly Active. More exercise.Lightly Active. More exercise.More Water.Lightly Active. More exercise.

Lightly Active. More exercise29.13/186.29.13/18629.13/18618429.13/186202020207hrs.11hrs.6.5hrs.9hrs.9hrs.Miscellaneous


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