Research data? ” ? Documentation ? Customer

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Research proposal: “Depiction of gender in Science fiction Films. ” Abstract “Media images of female protagonists reinforce cultural stereotypes about the role of women in world of cinema. These images can have a positive impact on adolescent girls who are making career plans at a time marked by waning self-confidence and a heightened awareness of cultural norms of femininity. An analysis of images of female protagonists in popular films ( e.

g.Charlie’s Angels) shows how these images reinforce cultural representations of gender and science and explores the potential impact on adolescent girls’ conceptions of gender roles and their occupational aspirations. ” The Problem “What problem do I want to address or what question(s) do I want to answer? ” Ans. Does audience accept female protagonist as a lead in science fiction film.

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Background to the Problem “Why is this problem or question important? Ans. Over the period of time the cinema industry has witnessed a revolutionary transformation in the aspects of “technology”, “conceptualization” and “hierarchy” but the male dominance as the lead protagonist has not seen any coversion. Research Design “How will I limit my study? ” ? Descriptive research ? Causal research.

“What data do I need to collect? ” ? ? ? Collect Sample size Secondary data Formulation of hypothesis from audience What methods will I use to collect the data and how will I justify them? ” ? Questionaire ? Observation ? Executive interface ? Pilot studies Expected Results “How will I analyze my data? ” ? Documentation ? Customer feed back ? Report preparation ? Variance analysis “What results do I expect from my research? ” ? Audience acceptance; e. g. – Charlie angels movie ? Changing trends of films perceptions .


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