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1. Give an example when you have identified an area for self improvement in work and what you did to address this? Answer After 3 months of doing trolley for Gatwick Express I felt the revenue job was more challenging and a way to be promoted in the company. I discussed my ambitions with my manager, she offered me an interview, then a training in ticketing. I was successful and she offered me a maternity cover position on revenue. 2. Provide an example when you have made a sale through the delivery of exemplary customer service. Answer

Engaged in a conversation with a passenger who was buying a single ticket on board I found out that he returns within a month so I advised him that is cheaper to buy a return. He din’t buy only the return, he was so happy with the idea of saving money so that when I told him that he could save even more money by purchasing a rail card he promised he will do so. 3. Provide an example when you have had competing demands on your time and how you went about prioritising your workload. Answer 4. What qualities do you have that makes you an effective team player and tell me about a time when you have demonstrated these.

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Answer I am a very committed pro active person, fully flexible, a reliable team member who gets work done and does his fair share to work. I deliver good performance all the time adapting to ever-changing situations. One day I received a call from the team leader saying that a person called sick and they desperately need someone to cover the night shift. I was delighted and said yes straight away. 5. As this is a safety critical environment how would you ensure the safety of your customers at all times? Answer I must comply with the rules provided on training, being vigilant and high concentrated all times. |Please give details of relevant examples, preferably from your work experience, which you feel provide evidence of how you have demonstrated the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for this role. * Last winter due to heavy snowfall I had the chance to work on a train with passengers that got stuck in the snow for 2 hours. It was a real challenge for us, the on-board staff, because people became frustrated at one moment. I not only kept people informed every step of the way up to Victoria, I also checked with every passenger on the train and co-ordinated their onward travel and served them complementary hot drinks.

Please tell us why you are applying for this position and why you feel you are suitable. * The main reason I apply for this job is that I worked in a similar position before and I simply loved to offer the very best in customer service and to assist passengers with queries ensuring they have a pleasant journey and they become regular customers. I am customer focused and I apply myself 100% to any task to ensure that the end product is the best it can be and a true reflection of my personality.


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