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His personal life mixes with the social life at every step. His life is affected by the doings of others and the state. So it is essential that every individual should remain in touch with the happening around him.

There are two different views about whether students should take part in politics or not. Some argue that as the students are future of India, they are custodians of the future society, they should be given training from the very beginning of their life. This is the training time for them to learn how to shoulder the future responsibilities of the country. Others argue that the student life is a time for studies and charac­ter formation. This is a time to get knowledge.

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They should devote their energy for their all round development. The knowledge attained at this time helps him to fight against the reality of life in future. If they take part in politics at this early time they will have no knowledge to fight against various problems of life in future. No one is sure which of the two arguments is correct. But in the first argument there is danger, it is that the student can be easily ex­ploited. As they are not matured enough to evaluate the good or the bad. There are all possibilities that they may fall victims to clever politi­cians.

The student of today talks in favour of his privileges and rights and for their achievement stages demonstration and strikes. He is un­able to understand that politics is a means for constructive planning for the progress of the country. This knowledge he can get only by studies not by politics.


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