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Consumer Perception Table of Contents Executive Summary2 Introduction and Research Questions2 Research Design2 Selection of sample2 Data Collection Procedures2 Presentation and analysis of finding3 Differentiation3 Best and worst taste3 Usual and after taste preference3 Marketing Implication4 Appendix5 Charts5 Executive Summary Our research offers a study on consumers behavior who like to start their day with a cup or Karak (cooked tea with milk), or simply love to have it throughout the day, knowing that Karak is the second most consumed hot beverage in Qatar after Arabian coffee.Across not only Qatar but the entire GCC, the consume of evaporated milk exceeded 60% according to Rainbow’ s official website.

In Qatar, Karak is more like a symbol of being a Qatari than a just a beverage, especially to young adult. some restaurants are famous for their Karak that consumers might travel for 1 hour distance just to have a taste of the famous Karak they have, some restaurants like Tea Time and Al-Noaimi Karak. While there are currently so many companies offering evaporated milk, the key ingredient for Karak, in GCC, only three of those stand out, Rainbow, Tamween, and Marai.Our research is to test consumer perception to ther different type of evaporated milk, will they be able to tell the difference? And what makes them chose one brand over the other? People who say they will never use anything but Rainbow how will they act if they tasted something better? Before starting the research we made a prior research to check who are the most interested consumers in Karak, young adults who are between 20 to 30 and to narrow the targeted consumers we choose young girls aged between 20 to 25. Based on the aged chosen some of the girls were already married and housewives who had experience more than the others.In our research we will go through the test and three basic questions we asked in our survey, the test came up with unexpected results. The different types of evaporated milk and the Karak it provides, will you be able to tell? Introduction and Research Questions We did a research about consumer perception and it talks about how consumers behave to different types of products, in our research we used three different types of milk and afterwards we conducted a blind test to twenty girls and we counclde that some of the girls were able to differentiate but the others couldn’t because they thought that all three of them tasted the same.Those who knew how to differentiate are karak-holics but the others were not.

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Our research questions are  1. Is there really any difference? 2. What makes Rainbow, Tamween and Maraii the usual preference? 3. What makes Rainbow, Tamween and Maraii an after test preference? Research Design Selection of sample Our product was a traditional drink that most of GCC country drinks at daily bases, which is “karak”. Karak is made of largely  red tea cooked with a little amount of evaporated milk and sugar.

We collected our data for this research from young adult, to be specific female students at Qatar university, aged between 20 to 25 years old, who are interested at finding the difference between different types karak cooked with a variety of evaporated milk. Data Collection Procedures To acquire the needed information for this research we had to do a live test. We announced about this live test through blackberry messenger and twitter network, we hosted this event “Live testing” at both college of business cafeteria and the science building hall.

We had the three different karak that was cooked with three different types of evaporated milk which is AlMaraii, Rainbow and Tamween Qatar. The students who came to do the live test had the chance to taste the three types of karak and try to differentiate among them, we had 20 girls from different nationalities, age and interest in karak. We can say that those 20 students had an experiment and thats gave us the chance to observe their reactions and for us to ask them questions about their ability to define what milk brand that they favorite before and after the experiment.Presentation and analysis of finding According to the data we collected in the Karak taste testing the different aspect we found were three, Differentiation of the taste, Best and worst taste, usual preference, and after test preference, we will go through each in details below. Differentiation Not many of the people who had the taste testing could name the brand name, but they knew there was a different in taste. Starting with Rainbow, 11 out of the 20 could tell it taste was different from the other brands, but also the other 9 said it was not different from Tamween.Tamween on the other hand had 10 consumers knowing it was different from the other brands but couldn’t name it in specific, most of the girls commented without knowing it was Tamween “it reminded us of home, something in this Karak has home feeling” which links us to the fact that it’s the second most consumed mike brand.

Last is Maraii, 9 out of the 20 differentiated it, Ashjan Al-Marri (23) –one of the girls who had the taste- commented “it’s thick and full of taste, just like when we order it from restaurants and not like home”. girls out of the total consumers were able to name the brand specifically, when we asked one of them, Latifa Al-Suwaidi (25), how she could tell the difference, She simply replied “I’m a Karak-holic! “. Best and worst taste Rainbow had the greatest number of people saying it was the best taste, 7 consumer chose it over the other brands, following was Tamween with only one person less than Rainbow coming in second place. As for Maraii, it had only 3 consumers liking it over the others.

There are also 4 consumers who stated that there was no difference at all, and no brand is better than the other.As for the worst taste, Maraii was the highest with 3 consumers saying it was the worst, where rainbow and Tamween had an equal number on 2 consumers choosing it as the worst, one of the interesting comments we got was from Lulwa Al-Baker (21) who said “Rainbow taste like water, there is no taste at all! ” funny thing is it was actually her usual preference. 13 consumers said there was no worst taste, the brands were a look alike and the difference was in being better but nothing was worse. Usual and after taste preferenceRainbow being the dominate in the market had 11 choosing it as their usual preference, while Tamween had 8, 2 consumers said they use both Rainbow and Tamween. Maraii had only 1 consumer out of the 20 said she uses Maraii.

After having the test and comparing tastes Rainbow’s consumers decreased from 12 to 10, some consumers thought Tamween wasn’t that different from Rainbow while Tamween comes in a lower price and also provided by the government, so why not paying for the government and not some commercial company, because the money paid will be used for the country’s benefit and not to the benefit of a company.As for Tamween also the number decreased from 9 to 7 but not there was 2 new consumers for the four who decided to change to other brands. As for Maraii the one with the lowest marketing, it gained 2 new consumers in addition to the one who already chose it as usual preference, people didn’t know that Maraii had evaporated milk and once we mentioned the name they all thought we made it with their famous fresh milk, and after testing they changed their minds and chose Maraii.

Marketing ImplicationTamween is going good because its already supported by the government and Qatari people know it but they have to promote and advertise the product more, on the other hand, Rainbow is doing good, whenever you ask someone about rainbow they know about the evaporated milk and this is because of its strong marketing. Maraii should market their evaporated milk because when we conducted the blind test a lot didn’t know about Maraii, they only knew about Tamween and Rainbow. I think one good way to do so is to provide free sam3ples in the supermarket because it’s really hard to change the mind of a loyal customer who always buy Raibow or Tamween.


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