Confucius to approach the common people, if

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Confucius was a large believer that things should be based on virtue, and not on blood. Confucius stated that the ideal person was one of good moral character.The ideal person was also truly reverent in worship and sincerely respected his father and his ruler. He was expected to think for himself, guided by definite rules of conduct.Confucius believed that this type of behavior by rulers had a greater effect on the people than did laws or codes of punishment.

So when these types of people were rulers, their moral example would inspire the people to lead good lives. Confucius taught four things: culture, conduct, loyalty, and truthfulness. Confucius taught many topics around these subjects, but the most importance of these is the propriety, ritual and the Way of being a Gentleman. From these to achieve the Jen, if we are to achieve a state of orderliness and peace, we need to return to traditional values of virtue.

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These values are based entirely on one concept: Jen, which is best, translated as “benevolence.”The rules of propriety offered a code of accepted behavior that demonstrated to themselves and others that they were cultured and proper gentlemen. For Confucius, the gentleman knew and behaved according to the rules of propriety.

Confucius explained what can happen if conduct is not guided by propriety.Confucius shows wisdom and Jen as essential to ruling, they still must be accomplished with dignity, and according to propriety. His wisdom brings him into power, needs goodness to secure that power, and dignity to approach the common people, if he handles them contrary to the rules of propriety, full ex! cellence is not reached.

Confucius believed that official’s political action should follow the Way.His actions will vary depending on whether the government is following the Way or not. Confucius gives this advice for the different circumstances.Have sincere faith and love learning.

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