Iraq problems, many conflicts, and many wars. In

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Iraq has been a country with many problems, many conflicts, and many wars. In the past twelve years there has been a great deal of tension concerning the United States and Iraq. A little bit of background of how starts one of the Iraq-U.S.

firsts conflicts, is with the Persian Gulf War. This was an eventthat marked the start of a conflict between the United States and Iraq,a few years ago from now. At the end of the war The conflict culminated in fighting between Iraq and an international forces led by the United States. By the end of the war Iraq had to pay a huge amount of money to the United Nations and also Iraq had to disarm all his biological and chemical weapons.

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Now days Iraq is facing another big conflict, and it is with United Sates again. The presindent George W. Bush had accusedIraq of possesing weapons of mass destruction and have been aiding terrorists.The major concerning of president Bush is that Iraq would attack the United Sates in any moment. Even know people of the United States doesn't want war, Bush affirms is the right thing to do. He is just looking forward toprotect the segurity, the freedom, and the justice of his country.

He said that United States knows how awful a war is, but Iraq is not cooperating with his country, and he wont let Iraq to keep growing, and keep making destruction arms. However, Iraq told the world that they don't have any weapons, and neither are planning to get any. President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein says that Bush‘s affirmation about possessing weapons of mass destruction, are just a misleading attempt to justify an attack. In the speech given by Bush on Monday, October 7th at night, He said clearly to Iraq that if they don't disarm their weapons, they will have to face the consequences. Presindent Bush haddecided to take extremely measures if Iraq doesn't comply with all United Nations resolutions. Also in his speech president Bush told the.



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