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Throughout history, there have been rules that all people live by. The most important one can be shortened into two words "supply and demand."For example if the people of a society suddenly demand the streets to be different colors, and if enough people or powerful people started demanding green left turn lanes the government will send a crew out with an assortment of colored paint to paint the streets. Even though color-coding traffic lanes seems like an ridiculous idea that would not help with any traffic problems, it could be done if there is enough power behind this demand. A good example of a situation where one man used his power to get what he wanted is the crusades. The Crusades were military expeditions planned and carried out by western European Christians.

The crusades started around 1100. The purpose of these crusades was to overtake and gain control of the holy land of Jerusalem from the Muslims. The Christians believed that control of Jerusalem was their god given right. The pope (One of the big ringleaders) would gather the people together and incite them. Eventually the crusaders were sent out to recover what they thought was theirs.

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The crusades also provided almost nothing for the Christians therefore much time and money was wasted on them. The crusades are a perfect example of one man using his powers to gain something he personally desired. A good example of people that were powerless individually but because of their strength in numbers was able to demand reform. The French Revolution was a social revolution caused by the growing middle class.

The Revolution caused a change of power in the government. The power went from the kings and nobles to the people of the country. During the revolution the Declaration of the Rights of Man was created. This declaration stated: All men are created equal, natural rights of liberty, security, property, and resistance to oppression were given to all citizens, .



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