As is not still truly equal.Today, we

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As scary as it may seem, Condorcet's view of modern day life could be no closer to being true and accurate as it presently is.Condorcet had a view of life being more sophisticated by being more technologically advanced, allowing the worker to do less physical labor and accomplish more.

In addition, he saw the ability to end poverty, make equal rights for women, and an order to economic affairs so that every individual, guided by reason, could enjoy true independence.Further, Condorcet also saw a need for a social security system and suggested that population growth would ultimately be checked by means of birth control. Looking at today's society herein the United States, it could be assumed that our forefathers were paying attention to Condorcet's views.We have made great strides in technology beginning with the automated system for building cars.Since that time, computers have led to advances in many areas making the common worker more productive but less laborious.

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Over the years we have made great strides in equality for women.Although equal is not still truly equal.Today, we are more equal than we have ever been.

Unfortunately, though, poverty is still an ongoing problem in today's society.However, it is an issue that is on the "front burner" and is receiving a lot of attention.As for the control of the population, we in the United States have not been forced to begin those steps.However, in certain Asian countries, that very thing is taking place by allowing a one-child limit on each family. Overall, Condorcet's view on the evolution of civilization could not be closer than it is in the United States.

As scary as it may seem, he obviously had a crystal ball that allowed him to see into the future…



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