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The article that this paper will be based and discussed upon is titled "Berthe's prison diary," written by Hanna Diamond."Berthe's prison diary" can be found in the August 1999 issue of History Today, volume 49, pages 43-49.

During World War II, it was known that many people suffered.People suffered from the casualties of war, suffered because of their class, but especially because of their race.The group to suffer the most were the Jewish.Over 6 million were killed because of no crime but because of their race."Berthe's prison diary" is about a woman named Berthe A.

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and her experience in the French prisons for collaborators.Besides Berthe's personal experience in prison, through her diary, we also get accounts on how the other people were treated. France gets invaded on May 10, 1940 by the Nazis.On June 22, 1940, France signs treay of peace with the Nazis.Paris is liberated on August 25, 1944.The setting begins in the August of 1944 in Toulouse, France.It was a time of despair and confusion.

France was in a chaos.People were hungry and were left in poor conditions.The Germans had finally left Toulouse after their defeat.Joy came atfirst to the French when the Liberationfinally came,yet it soon turned to hatred and vengeance.There was hatred to those that had helped the Germans succeed and also for those that allied with the Germans.These people were labeled'collaborators.'Even men and women that were seen with Germans were hated.They were tracked down and even arrested.

Somewere Berthe A. was the director of laboratory research in the Faculty of Science at the University of Toulouse.On the twenty-second of August in 1944, at about three o'clock (according to Berthe), someone knocked on her door and soon enough Berthe was arrested.

Of those that were arrested, many did not know …


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