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IEver since I got my first computer. I have enjoyed working on them. I havelearned a tremendous amount of trouble shooting. With my recent computer I havecome across computer crime. I got interested in hacking, prhreaking, and salamislicing. But before I go to far, I need to learn more about it like theconsequences? One question in mind is what crimes are their and what kind ofthings you can do with them? I would like to find out why people do thesisthings? I would also like to learn the laws against all computer crime?IIToday’s computer society has brought a new form of crime.

There are those”hackers” who break their way into computers to learn the system or getinformation. I found out in the book Computer Crime written by Judson, Karen:That “Salami Slicers” steal small amounts of money from many bank customers thisadding up to a great deal of money. I also read about phone phreaks more knownas “Phreakers.” They steal long distance phone services.

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Phreakers commit manyother crimes against phone companies.In the book Computer Crime it states, most people commit thesis crimes, becausethey where carious and wanted to explore the system. All they want to do isexploit systems not destroy it. It is purely intellectual. I know one reasonis that is can be very rewarding. Hackers are drawn to computers for theaninymity they allow. They feel powerful and can do anything. Hackers can bethere own person out side the real world.

I found out Arizona was the first state to pass a law against computer crime, in1979. In 1980 the U.S. copyright act was amended to include soft ware. I foundout that in 1986 a computer farad abuse act was passed. This act was made tocover over any crime or computer scheme that was missed with any former laws.Violations to any of thesis laws are a maxim of five years in prison and a$250,000 fine.

IIIWith my computer I can do lots of these things but choose not to. Because Iknow that if you know computers you can do much more like carious wise. If youknow computers you set for the future. I’m not saying I don’t have fun with mycomputer I like causing a little trouble every now and then. Well I piety muchcovered the motives and intentions behind the most common computer crimes. Iexplained the laws and punishments for committing thesis crimes. I hope Icleared things up for you elutriate computer people, and gave you a moreunderstanding of the things that can be done.

As you have red you can see thatcomputers can and are more dangerous than guns.Category: Technology


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