Chapter kinds of governments that have been

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Chapter 1:Machiavelli opens by telling us the different kinds of governments that have been held over men through out time.The two that he goes on to explain our that of monarchies and republics. Chapter 2:In maintaining a hereditary monarchy the royal family has a much easier time then that of a new monarch.Because if a prince is of true descent he will always be able to maintain his power.

This is true because the people are more likely to love the prince unless he does something extraordinary to make his people hate him. Chapter 3:In talking of mixed monarchies, Machiavelli says that the new prince no matter how strong his armies are will always need the favor of the people to take control.If the new kingdom has the same language and nationality as you, thenone must take into account to make sure the blood of the former prince is extinct, and to make no alteration to their laws and taxes.If the New Kingdom doesn't have the same language and nationality, then the two best options are to take up residence in the new land or set up colonies there.

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Chapter 4:Here we are told that if one is too hold on too all of his lands then it is easier if it is the prince and his servants not the prince and his nobles or barons.This is true because the people will be loyal to their local noble or leader and not the prince.So if revolution or the threat of an outside attack is in the air the people will side with their noble and the kingdom will not be unified. Chapter 5:On the subject of cities who used to govern themselves there are three ways one can go about trying to govern them.First, to despoil them, second, to go and live with them, and third, allow them to live under their own laws taking tribute from them, and creating within the country a government of few who will keep it friendly to you.But the only sure way is to despoil them. Chapter 6:Ones ability and good fortune can only tak.



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