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We had ordered you 50 pieces of Seiko wall-clocks and not Hoseki ones. Hoseki brand clocks do not correspond with our Order No.

__________ dated ______________. There are already a number of Hoseki wall clocks with us that we had ordered you two months back and they remain still unsold as they are now not in demand. Evidently wrong goods have been sent and it has caused us a great inconvenience as we have orders for Seiko clocks only.

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Please let us know by return post when we may have the correct clocks. Meanwhile we are holding the goods with us. We look forward to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely (Your Name) Manager

Reply to the Above

From Your Name Company Name Address To The Manager Company Name Address Dear (Name), We thank you for your letter of (Date) and feel sorry to learn that you have received wrong items. We really regret the inconvenience. In fact the Hoseki brand clocks received by you instead of Seiko were meant for another customer of ours in Singapore itself.

He has received you brand of clocks. This he has told us today on phone. Because both of you had ordered the same number of wall-clocks, though of different makes, the consignments were mixed up by mistake on the part of our worker. We have already instructed our other customer to exchange these clocks with you.

Perhaps you might have received your clocks in exchange by the time you receive this letter. Once again we regret the mistake and apologies for inconvenience. Yours sincerely, (Your Name) Marketing Manager


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