In Metal, then Progressive Rock and finally

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In this report the main focus of my interviews was to find out how two people from different age groupings and backgrounds have spent their musical careers throughout the years.Focusing on all kinds of'Rock' music, I have asked questions and plan to see if the answers given relate someway to theories learnt in lectures.

My interviewees for this report were Graham(19) and Ian(46).Starting with a question on why choose the'Rock' genre over all others, the answers were unsurprisingly different with Graham answering that because there is not set sound to rock music, it is a very diverse genre with the likes of Deep Purple and Iron Maiden's'Heavy Metal' genre from the 1970 – 80's to'make you dance' and the easy listening diversity of many other artists work such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley all classed in the same genre. Another factor was that'if you look back over time, successful artists have been rock influenced or in rock bands themselves'. Showing that popularity in the past can still influence popular culture today.Ian answering that he never really chose the'Rock' genre over any others noting that'it's not a mutually exclusive choice' and asking'what is'rock' anyway?'.

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He goes on to tell me that'as time and music changed' his tastes also changed with the music,firstly being into Heavy Metal, then Progressive Rock and finally Punk music.This question reveals that while one person can be influenced by history, liking what people have perceived to be good over a number of years, another person can be critical of being put into a certain genre.Taking'if you look back over time, successful artists have been rock influenced or in rock bands themselves' from Graham's answer I noticed a pattern that seems to agree with theorist Theodore Adorno.

He states th…


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