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Hello fellow patriots, I am standing in for my dear friend Samuel Adams.For he has taken ill and cannot be here, so he has sent me in his place. I am here to say whether I agree with the Constitution or the Articles of Confederation.Both of which state very good concepts and ideas.I believe in both.Some of the ideas from the Constitution I believe in and some ideas from The Articles of Confederation.I feel the idea of each state being free but still in union is the same as all of them as one.

This to me is senseless.They are of the same concept.I also dislike, about The Articles of Confederation, that you cannot uphold any vessels of war during a time of peace.This is a sign of good trust between the sates and other countries but if another country attacks and you have nothing but a militia how can you defend yourself well?You have no war ships to defend from aquatic attack.You only have a militia and enough men to occupy the forts.This is good in theory but I believe it will not hold up if another country attacks.In Article VI it states "No state shall engage in any war without the consent of the united states in congress assembled, unless such state actually invaded by enemies, or shall have received certain advice of a resolution being formed by some nation of Indians to invade such state, and the danger is so imminent as not to admit of a delay, till the united states in congress assembled can be consulted: nor shall any state grand commissions to any ships or vessels of war nor letters of marque or reprisal .

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.. otherwise."This is a good concept. This pleases me because if you wish to go to war but congress can resolve it then it is of no use to go to war at all.This would save many lives both domestic and foreign.

The fact that Canada would be brought into this union appeases me.For that it would give the United States more land and more people, along with more resources..



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