I National Forest Service lands are open

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I would like to focus my response paper on the similarities, as well as some differences between the world of Cecilia, and the world today. I found that there are many similar aspects with slight twists. Farming was then, and is now one of the major aspects of daily life for many people. Like Brigstock, Montana, is an area dominated by an agricultural economy.

The ownership of land is still today thought of as a symbol of wealth, or power. However just as in Brigstock, most people have no land. One similarity however for those who do own land, it is usually passed down to them by their fathers, and so on. The only reason there aren't more farmers is because of the simple fact of changing times, and the necessity for other jobs.

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The idea of shared public lands for grazing, foraging, and gathering firewood, still exists today. The BLM or Borough of Land Management, controls state lands which are leased out to farmers, and can be used freely by the public. The National Forest Service lands are open to farmers who are allowed to let their livestock graze there during certain times. Cecelia, and her fellow townspeople were aloud use of the kings forest. The only difference between his forest, and ours is private, versus public ownership. However, both are managed and controlled by government officials. In Brigstock, the forest guards were the Foresters, today there Forest Rangers. Legally there are some very similar aspects of life then and now.

As I understand it during Cecilia's time if you did not report a crime that you witnessed by raising the Hue. Granted, today we don't go around reporting every minor offence, however it is today still illegal to not report a crime. Also, during that time if you were wronged, you could bring legal action against those that wronged you. The modern day equivalent is the law-suit.

Also, the idea that people were selected randomly from the community when a jury was needed. Howe…


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