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In book VI,Hector returns to battle despite the pleas of those he loves.Compare Hectorsbehavior with Achilles’ refusal to fight after he has been shamed.Both are heroes.What is heroic about each decision?Do you approve of one more than the other?Why?If so, what values do they have that you do not? Both Hector and Achilles are noble warriors.

These two men are skilled in the ways of war and the politics surrounding war.These brave warriors are considered by many to be heroes, but they both have the same driving flaw.This flaw shared by many other heroes of the Illiad, is the reason I see these two men as cursed, not heroic. In the beginning of the Illiad, Agamemnon has been counseled by the seer to return the priests daughter to him at once.Agamemnon will not give up his prize with out receiving compensation for his loss.”But fetch me another prize, and straight off too, else I alone of the Argives go without my honor.

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” (Homer 81)With this Achilles points out that all the “plunder” has been portioned out.Agamemnonreplies with hostility.He threatens to take Briseus, Achilles own prize.This enrages Achilles.He verbally assaults Agamemnon, “Shameless- armored in shamelessness-always shrewd with greed.” (Homer 82)Achilles continues venting his rage over Agamemnon’s lack of respect.

The two continue there argument, growing more heated with every breath.Achilles reaches the end of his rope “What a worthless, burnt out coward I’d be called if I would submit to you and all your orders….

never again.” (Homer 86)Achilles returns to his ship as Agamemnon dispatches two men to retrieve Briseus.Achilles welcomes the men, for they have not wronged him.

He wishes for these men to bear witness to his grief.He also wants them to know that he will not take up arms to help the Achaean army.He has been disgraced, his pride mortally wounded.His rage will not subside.His stubborn pride will stay .



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