Both very conservative in New England, unlike some

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Both New England and Southern colonies were settled largely by the English.

By 1700, the regions had evolved into two distinct societies.The Southern colonies developed many characteristics differing from the New England colonies. The focus of the two regions was different.Their society varied greatly based on the people who settled the regions.The government differed because New England had town meetings and the South had county government. These differences were mainly based on the very reasons settlers came to the New World.This affected the colonies focuses, social attitudes, and political ways. New England became a refuge for religious separatists leaving England, while people who immigrated to the Southern colonies generally came for economic reasons.

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The New Englanders were very religious-based and claimed that they “were far more godly than all other colonists”.There was one clergyman for every 600 people, the highest in the New World.The Southern colonies revolved around the tobacco industry.Many people in the South didn’t participate in church.

The people were more materialistic and individualistic in the Southern colonies.The drive of the southern colonists was toward economic prosperity, while New Englanders were faithful followers of the teachings of their church.Thus, the people who settled the two areas were different socially. The immigrants who settled in New England were far more family oriented than those who settled in the Southern colonies.In New England, most people came in large families, and large families supported the community atmosphere.There were many children among these immigrants.The society became very conservative in New England, unlike some elaborate colonies in the South.

The immigrants of the Southern colonies were mostly young men seeking profits.They were ambitious and ruthless.Differences in attitudes and geography resulted in different types of government as…


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