When Bush calls them. Bush and Roosevelt acted

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When President Franklin Roosevelt stated that December 11, 1941 was "A date that would live in infamy" he was referring that even years from that date Americans would look back and remember that fateful day.

It was thefirst of only two attacks ever made on the United States.The attack was from Japan under the eye of the naval commander and chief Admiral Isoruku Yamomoto.Little did FDR know that December 11 would not be the only infamous day in our history. When Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto stated, "I fear we have only awakened a sleeping giant, and his reaction will be terrible" he knew trouble was on the way.After he saw the United States would have vengeance he knew the "Giant" was going to wreak its vengeance.Yet was his attack on the United States justified?Even though the trade embargoes and restrictions were tuff and hurting to the Japanese people a full out air attack was not justified in my opinion. Both the events on December 11, 1941 and September 11, 2001 were unexpected.

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Even though we had prior intelligence to both attacks the information was ignored.The United States Government could have prevented both attacks if they used all available Intel resources.Both attacks were also very devastating in casualties.Yet, both attacks strengthened our great nation to fight.It brought out the patriotism to get the "Evil doers"as President Bush calls them. Bush and Roosevelt acted quite the same.

Both of the men were outraged by the attacks and they vowed vengeance.They both went to congress to issue war declarations.Franklin Roosevelt successfully led us through WWII and our President Bush will lead us successfully through the War on terrorism…



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