Comparing of the seventh century, Athens became

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Comparing Athens and Sparta is like comparing heaven to hell. One of the the few similarities which Athens and Sparta share is that both of the cities are located in the same country, Greece.

"Greece is a mountainous peninsula that closely resembles in size the state of Louisiana." Because of the mountains which Greece contains, independent communities were formed which eventually became states and a growing civilizations. Athensfirst became a city-state; and was ruled by a king. In 500 b.c.

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the Classical Age of Greece flourished. Athens was influence by the arts. It was a growing society that love knowledge and searched for reason in everything. Athenian based there life around philosophy (love of wisdom) and arts. As a young man you could get a good education and could pursue any of several kinds of arts or sciences. You could serve in the army or navy, but you didn’t have to.

Athens was a polytheistic society. Young women were married at the age of 14. Women were aloud to participate in religious events only. Many of today;s greatest philosophers of all time were influenced from Athens, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.In the Athens society all citizens were treated equal. Women and slaves excluded from being citizens. At the beginning of the seventh century, Athens became controlled by aristocrats, eventually becoming an oligarchy. Around the end of the seventh century the Athenian society began falling rapidly.

Greed over came many of the rich aristocrats which controlled the majority of the land. In 594 b.c. a man who many like was put in control, Solomon. Though Solomon tried his best to rebuild Athens in to a grand community, the aristocrats simply would not support this transformation. Around 560 b.

c. Pisistratus an aristocrat came into control of the Athenian empire. Pisistratus was not well like and Athens became a tyranny. Eventually the people of Athens put an end to the tyranny in 560 b….


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