The the reality of her ugliness had never

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The Comparison of Two Personal Experiences The different motivations of two authors to became professionals and have great careers in their lives. Many people have changed their lives because of something that made them sad or very depressed.The author of "Another Writer's Beginnings" which was R. A.

Sasaki compare to the author of "through the Tunnel" which was Doris Lessing. The comparison of what they have been through altered their lives. They have been successful through these things and experiences. From "Another Writer's Beginning" R. A. Sasaki was an ugly child when she was little. She had a long face with a little bit of nose, and two teeth that got in front of her mouth which make she looks bad. Her hair lopped straight around the earlobes and straight across above the eyebrows, which make she looked like a lumberjack.

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She also had glasses that made she feel uglier. Sasaki wanted to be a Japanese Mouseketeer and the reality of her ugliness had never stopped her from hoping. When she brought home her fifth-grade school picture, she knew she looks ugly. She was in a pink dress which bangs cut straight across her face.

And her two front teeth made it looked like she had a mouth full of marbles. She gave the picture to her mother and there was a long silent and followed by a sign of her mother. At that particular moment she considered that she might not make it as a Mouseketeer after all of these things. So she would have to develop other talents such as actor. From "Through the Tunnel" the author was Doris Lessing which also known as Jerry. Jerry was an English boy, eleven years old and an only child of a widow.

He and his mother having a vacation on where there was a wild beach. The people over there speak a different language and he started become lonely. He has no friends or relatives. All the boys and guys did not play with him.

Since Jerry like to swim, then he ha…


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