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The purpose of the opening sequence of a movie is to generate an image for the audience and to make them interested in the movie.

The director chooses the topic which should keep the audience attracted to the movie. In different historical time periods, the opening credits varied drastically depending on what the audience thought to be appealing. In the movies, “Pyscho” and “Se7en,” a variety of techniques are used to affect the audience and each technique has its own meaning.The technique of color was used in both “Pyscho” and “Se7en,” however in completely different ways.

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In the movie “Pyscho” the color technique was monochrome. It was very simple and not very eye catching. The general opening was dull; however the director Alfred Hitchcock wanted to convey a serious message across to the audience because during the 1960’s the only movies that were in color would have been musicals. The movie “Se7en” was produced in an entirely different time period in which it was normal to have colored films.In 1995 all movies were made in color. The overall appearance of the opening sequence was not very bright and sometimes it was difficult to see characters because the surroundings were too dark. The director David Fincher wanted to bring across the message to the audience that there was some sort of mystery taking place and that is why he played around with the different lighting shots of the movie. The use of color differed depending on the historical time period of when a movie was produced and therefore the impact on the audience changed.

Every movie includes opening credits, some start right at the beginning of the movie while others introduce the story to keep the audience interested and then show the opening credits. The movie “Pyscho” decided to begin the movie with the opening credits combined with some fast tempo music in order to captivate the audience. The opening credits were presented in a unique form for that time period. It was some more unusual because different lines intersected with the text and it corresponded with the music.However for the movie “Se7en” the movie starts off with a small introduction in which nothing interesting as such happens but the audience would want to know what will happen next and what the characters are talking about. After an approximate four minute introduction to the story the opening credits begin. The director chooses the most efficient method of presenting the opening credits, depending on what people enjoyed during certain time periods in order to make the movie successful and captivate the spectators from the beginning.

The text shown in the opening credits can be presented in several ways.The opening credits of the movie “Pyscho” were unique and eye catching for that time period because people would watch a movie depending on who directed the movie. In this case Alfred Hitchcock was very famous so the audience would have watched all of the opening credits no matter how unappealing they were.

The opening credits were exclusive because there were many lines that intersected with each other and the text. The lettering was white, bold and corresponded to the music which made it attractive to the audience and caused a certain level of suspense.In the 1960’s the audience would have been prepared to watch a long list of opening credits, whereas in 1995 the audience was less patient so therefore the movie needs to interest them from the very beginning. The opening credits of the movie “Se7en” were presented using a small and unclear font. The font was not easy to read, however it created a certain kind of mystery as it moved according to the screeching music. The opening credits began by showing the most famous actors because in 1995 people would watch a movie depending on who was acting in it and not who the director was.

The text of the opening credits is important because it shows who is starring or directing the movie and therefore keeps the viewers attracted to the movie. The type of music used for the opening sequence of a movie can vary greatly depending on the genre of the movie and what would make people pay attention. The music from the movie “Pyscho” was repetitive and had a fast tempo. The music created an anxious atmosphere which would have captivated the audience during the historical time period of the 1960’s.The opening sequence of “Se7en” had no background music and then when the opening credits began the theme of the music was horror.

The music matched the altering pictures that were being shown and created a kind of suspense. It was obvious that the movie would have something to do with murder because there were a variety of screeching sounds and in general the music was scary. The overall image of the opening sequence was mysterious and kept the audience interested. The style of music can have a great affect on the audience’s opinion about the beginning of the movie.In conclusion, a range of techniques were used in the movies “Pyscho” and “Se7en” to create different effects on the audience. Each technique has its own meaning and is used in different situations. Depending on what the audience of a certain historical time period found appealing, the director then created a movie which would have interested most people.

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