John his presidency he had to dal with

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John F. Kennedy and Lindon B.

Johnson were two of the united states presidents during the cold war although neither was is office very long each had lasting impact on the United States. John was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Mass., the second of nine children. As an infant he lived in a comfortable but modest frame house in that suburb of Boston. As the family grew and the father’s fortune increased, the Kennedys moved to larger, more impressive homes,first in Brookline, then in suburbs of New York City. John had a happy childhood, full of family games and sports. He attended private elementary schools, none of them parochial.

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He later spent a year at Canterbury School in New Milford, Conn., where he was taught by Roman Catholic laymen, and four years at Choate School in Wallingford, Conn.John seemed to grow up in the shadow of his oldebrother Joseph, who dominated family competitions and was a better student in school. Encouraged by his father to take part in school athletics, John, wiry but thin, played in half a dozen sports without making the varsity. When John graduated from Choate in 1935, he ranked only 64th in a class of 112. His classmates, however, voted him “most likely to succeed.” And it;s a good thing they did because in 1960.

During his presidency he had to dal with many foreing problem retaining to the cold war. Thefirst was the By of Pigs. This plan wasn;t even Kennedy;s it was Eisenhowers but Kennedy was forced to go through with it. This pan was for the U.S. to train the Cuban rebels how to fight and to help them revotlt against castro but when it came time to invaid Castro was ready and it turned out to be a huge blounder.

Kennedy also had to deal with one of the most scary incidents of the Cold war this incident was when the Soviets sent Cuba nuclear warheads to point at the U.S. for finacial aid. Kennedy however dealt with this well and got the soviets to remove the we…


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