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Thomas Jefferson's and Alexander Hamilton's visions of America differed greatly.

Jefferson wanted the Farmer's dream and Hamilton wanted the Merchant's dream.Both thought their dreams would secure happiness and people's natural rights.Jefferson was very well informed about John Lock's Enlightenment theory and was a firm believer in natural rights and the pursuit of happiness. Jefferson's vision of America was the agrarian life.He visioned smaller communities that worked together for a better life.

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Jefferson's philosophy was based on social change.Jefferson's vision of America looked a lot like the Southern way of life.The South was know for farming and farming was apart of Jefferson's vision.The South also favored a weak central government; Jefferson wanted a weak federal government.Jefferson had an innate distrust of political authority and he believed that a stable government came from private happiness. Hamilton's vision of America was the "rich-mans" life.

Hamilton believed heavily in big business and in big government.Hamilton wanted America to have a capitalist economy, where only money matters.Commercialism and big business is what Hamilton thought happiness would come from.A big government provides stability and order which leads to public strength and security.Hamilton also believed in social control, this differs from Jefferson who believed in social change. Hamilton's vision of America s much like the North's economy and Jefferson's vision is much like the South's economy.

Of course Hamilton's vision is what prevailed.The reason why is because big business is ruthless and for many of the same reasons the North won the Civil War.Both visions are very "American", both deal with the pursuit of happiness.In Hamilton's vision the merchant is happy and in Jefferson's vision the farmer .



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