Comparing to God, which meant to follow all

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Comparing and Contrasting Achilles with Samson This paper shows that Achilles and Samson have similar weaknesses and strengths. However this is only my retelling of Samson, and Achilles, although one is a fictional character and the other is a biblical figure they both they both have similarities and differences that I thought were important to point out in this paper. Achilles was the son of a god and a mortal; he was invincible ever since his mother dipped into the River Styx by his heel.

This made him indestructible, but his weakness was in his heel which he was still mortal there. (Achilles 5) Samson was a gift from God, an Angel one day appeared to his mother, and promised her a son and said the boy would be a Nazarite. No razor was to touch the boys head and it was through his supernatural strength with which his hair endowed him. This means that he could never cut his hair if he cut his hair he would be mortal, if he grows his hair long he would e invincible. (Parker 16) Achilles was educated by a Centaur, which is a human down to the waste, and the lower torso of a horse.

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The Centaur taught who taught Achilles was known for his great goodness and wisdom, his name was Chiron. (Bloom 24) Samson was educated by his parents through the influence of God. His parents prayed that they would be able to bear a son. On the day when the Angel came and gave them Samson his parents felt truly blessed. And the Angle told his parents that they would have to raise Samson to have total dedication to God, which meant to follow all of the Nazarite vows which meant that he could never cut his hair, never eat raisons or grapes, not to drink wine, and never to touch a dead body. Following these vows made Samson a better person. (Parker 23) Achilles loyalty doesn't exactly have to do with his devotion to the king or the Trojan army, although he was loyal, and once was loyal to the king, his loyalty show the most to his friend .



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