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Both leaders of their generations, Martin Luther and Niccolo Machiavelli were also religious and political icons.

Through their theses, essays, and books they were able to successfully convey their views to the public. Martin Luther was a lawyer turned priest, who tried to open the eyes of the public to the general corruption of the Catholic Church.His 95 theses were the foundation of the Protestant Reformation, while Machiavelli used his skills as a writer, with The Prince, and other works, to bring to light the issues of politics.Known as the father of modern day politics, Machiavelli took his ideas public and changed government, as we know it.Both men were determined to break up the monopoly of knowledge and power that the Catholic Church held over the people.

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Through examination of Machiavelli's The Prince, and Martin Luther's Christian Liberty, their different views on the individual, God, and the state will be compared and contrasted to better understand their issues with the Catholic Church. Many people say that Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation by nailing his 95 theses on the front gate of the Catholic Church.Some of these people also say that these theses were an attack on the Church.Both of these statements are false.Martin Luther, a brilliant philosopher during the Renaissance, traveled to Rome in 1511 as the delegated representative of seven allied Augustinian monasteries to protest against some improvements of Staupitz.His experiences as a monk and a priest were fulfilling to his Catholic enlightenment.For example, his trip to Withberg to receive the sub-prior position helped Luther to gain respect and earn more important and valued positions with in the Church.

While moving his way up in the Church, Luther was able to see the corruption and deceptiveness that the Catholic Church had become involved in.During his year associated with the Church, he was able to develop his…


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