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Perhaps the one thing that George Washington and Jean-Paul Marat share most commonly is that they have both taken part in a revolution, even though those revolutions had been on different continents, an ocean apart. George Washington was present during the American Revolution, just like Jean-Paul Marat was there when the French Revolution occurred. But where Washington was a warrior, a general and a commander of an army, Marat was a writer. Both of these were strong and powerful men who have single-handedly changed the history, as well as the map, of the world. Both of these men were intelligent and knew how to play right in the harsh times of despair and despondency.

Washington realized early in the civil war that the best strategy he was to use was to harass the British. He continued to do so in the battlefield as well as in the political arena. He was one of the most vigorous advocates of the constitution and he was perhaps the prime mover of the steps that led to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787. It was due to his hard work and his loyalty to the nation that he was elected as the First President of the United States.

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It were due to his personality and his dedicated lifestyle that he was able to lead the nation into victory and help it establish a constituency that was free and is still free to this day today. Marat, on the other hand, was a journalist, writer and a doctor. His influence amongst the elite of France was what led him to become interested in the politics of the country. He had written many books and essays on the human soul and it were these philosophical thoughts that led him into joining the politics of France in hopes of making it better. He was a very active person before as well as during the French Revolution. He gave the French an idea of'meritocracy' and told them that it was all right for the people and normal citizens to have a say in the politics o.



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