Statement: regions shared was being against non-Christian

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Statement: The Northern, Mid Atlantic, and Southern regions evolved into three distinct societies, although they came from similar backgrounds. Assess the validity of this statement. In our early history, the Northern, Mid Atlantic, and Southern regions all had both become distinct from each other while at the same time shared similar views on religious, political, and economic ideas. All of these regions originated from people coming over from Europe.

It seemed that the regions were both distinct and similar and that this statement is a mixed bag. Thefirst factor that played a major role in the early society of the new world was Religion. In the North you had to be either a Puritan or Christian to be accepted in society. If you were against the beliefs of the Northern people, you were kicked out and sent away. This is what brought about the forming of Connecticut by Thomas Hooker and Rhode Island by Roger Williams, both who had been kicked out of Massachusetts due to their not believing in the Puritan lifestyle. These states were mainly inhabited by religious outcasts of Massachusetts. However, in the Mid Atlantic region, one was given more religious freedom.

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One could practice any Christian religion they wanted. The same was basically true in the South. The one thing all three regions shared was being against non-Christian religions. So it is obvious that religion in the North was distinct from the Mid Atlantic and South with its beliefs even though they all originated from similar backgrounds. This makes the statement partially valid in that there was some distinction but not all three were distinct. Besides religion, political ideas also played a role in the evolution of the three regions. The North was a more politically structured region.

It had the Mayflower Compact and the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This shows that it had an early set of rules that everyone had to abide by. The South was also coming along .



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